Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Scientology Basics: The Scientology Axioms

Scientology is a religious philosophy. Most people in the western world don't really know what a religious philosophy is. To most westerners a religion means you believe in God and you carry out some form of worship because that is what they see others doing or it's what they do themselves. A religious philosophy on the other hand is a body of knowledge about the spiritual nature of man that one studies and then uses in his everyday life. That is what Scientology is and one of the basic pieces of wisdom used in Scientology is the "Scientology Axioms". The axioms are concise statements of basic truths about the nature of the human spirit. For example, the question "What is communication?" is answered in Axiom 28.

The Scientology Axioms are available for you to study on the Internet: Scientology Axioms

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