Friday, May 20, 2005

Applied Scholastics -

The Solution in the Field of Education

It amazes me sometimes how people manage to keep up in our modern society, but then I take a closer look and I see that despite the cell phones on every ear and the programmable TVOs in so many front rooms, most people aren't.

For example, my wife recently advertised for a receptionist at the company she works. She got over 200 applications. 200 people applying for a receptionist position at $10 an hour seemed like a great opportunity to get a high quality person, but out of that 200 there were only 5 who met the literacy and other standards needed for such a position. This is what our educational system producing, semi-literate people who can't even qualify to be a receptionist. I'd say our educators needed some help.

Well that's what Applied Scholastics is all about - help for educators and anyone who wants to learn anything. Here are some links to give you more data:

I hope those give you some helpful ideas.

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