Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scientology Channel on YouTube

YouTube is such an interesting phenomenon. A lot of people post some really clever things, and it allows anyone to communicate to a huge network of people with similar interests, tastes, etc. This takes communication out of the hands of a small "elite" heirarchy and permist anyone to communicate.

There's a lot of trash, nonesense, and hate.

But I'm totally thrilled there's now a Scientology channel on YouTube. And I love the quality of the videos and the selection. There is about 3 hours-worth of clips.

I have a lot of friends who ask me what Scientology is. It's hard to describe something as rich and encompassing as Scientology. It's so much easier to show it. And that's exactly what I can do now, with this channel.

So if you are here because you're interested in finding out what a Scientologist has to say about Scientology, here's what I say. Take the time to watch the full selection of clips about Scientology on the YouTube Church of Scientology channel. It takes a bit of time, but you can really get a feel for our religion, what we're like, what we do, what we believe. And that's really what you need, to answer that question.

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