Monday, January 08, 2007

Scientology New Years Event

Some of my friends who hadn't seen this year's Scientology New Years Eve event and I went to see it yesterday (it's on DVD and you can go into any Scientology church of mission if you want to see it).

Watching it again I was even MORE struck by the excitement of what is going on with Scientology internationally than I was when I first heard David Miscavige give the overview on New Years Eve!

It was almost too much to take in at first.

I should have written down some of the figures so I could share it on my blog, and here's just a rough estimate.

If I remember correctly, there are over 7000 non-Scientologists who have been trained as Scientology Volunteer Ministers - rescue workers, doctors, nurses, police, firemen etc, using Scientology technology to help people in times of emergency and disaster.

Over 5 million people were helped by Volunteer Ministers in just the past year alone.

And try this one on for size - Criminon, which uses L. Ron Hubbard's technology in the rehabilition of offenders - has a program in all the jails in Israel, and of all the criminals who have completed the program there has not been a single cased of recidivism (going back to jail).

That's unbelievable considering that the entire prison system is known to be a revolving door!

But as a Scientologist and knowing what I know about Scientology it's not surprising to me at all. It's a technology of life. It sounds like magic. But it works!

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