Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An Introduction to Scientology

I got a copy of the newly restored interview with L. Ron Hubbard, called An Introduction to Scientology.

I always loved this interview. I saw it first on an old 8mm reel to reel camera in Black and White. But it has been impecably colorized and it is a really remarkable product.

First of all, LRH's whole attitude, his grace and warmth, his humar and brilliance shine through so clearly.

I've been a Scientologist almost 40 years, but listening to this interview I learned things I never knew before.

And on top of that, the word that was done by Sea Org members working at Gold to restore this is not just magnificent, it's miraculous!

At the event, David Miscavige showed us before and after clips so you could see the magnitude of the work that had to be done and the incredible quality of the final product.

These guys are professionals - starting with David Miscavige and then all the way down to the lowest technician on this assembly line.

What they produced was impossible, (and I'm sure glad they didn't think so!)

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