Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Way To Happiness

Although the book "The Way To Happiness" is not a religious publication, Scientologists use the precepts (rules) in the book to help them live better lives and help their fellow man. The book is amazingly effective in helping people get along. Just look at this quote from Mr. Gregory L. Smith, Director of Partnership Management, National Headquarters of the American Red Cross: "Both Muslim and Christian participants agreed that The Way to Happiness could facilitate the realization of peace between warring factions." It's not often that you see something like that!

The Way To Happiness Foundation distributes the book throughout the world. It's goal is to restore honesty and trust through the use of the common sense moral code contained in the book.

Right now you can get a free eBook version of The Way To Happiness book so click the link, download and read!

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