Saturday, September 11, 2004

Guess what I just found out! (I'm probably the last to learn, because it was all over the news last week). Tom Cruise (my favorite) is coming back to Madrid to attend the grand opening of the new Church of Scientology of Spain.

He was in Madrid last week for the premier of Colateral (terrific film) and announced he'd be back for the grand opening.

I have friends who have gone over to help. What an exciting time.

This is great news for Spain and Madrid, because Scientology has so much to offer the community and the individual in Spain.

Here's an invitation in Spanish for anyone in Madrid who has found my blog. I hope you can attend!

Cordialmente tengo el honor de informarle que Tom Cruise va a estar en la apertura de la nueva Sede de la Iglesia de Cienciología en España en Madrid Iglesia de Cienciología en España en Madrid. Esta será el próximo 18 de septiembre de 2004 a las 4:30 de la tarde.

Todas las personas que quieran asistir a la apertura están corodialmente invitadas.

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