Sunday, September 05, 2004

Another area of the world where there is rapid expansion is the Church of Scientology of Madrid, Spain.


Scientology Spain is an area where a lot is happening. For those who speak spanish here are some web sites that will be of interest:

Cienciologia Links

Fundador de la religion de Cienciologia

Dianetica y la Iglesia de la Ciencologia

There are also some sites about Dianetics in Madrid:

Dianética: La Ciencia Moderna de la Salud Mental

Asociación Civil de Dianética Madrid

Dianetica y la Iglesia de la Ciencologia

In English, here are similar sites for Scientology in Spain:

Legal Win for Church of Scientology Spain

Human Right Office Servicing Scientology Madrid

Captains of the Church of Scientology Madrid Soccer Team.

Soccer Team Supports Scientology Madrid

Location of Current Church of Scientology Madrid

Scientology Madrid, Spain Homepages:

How to find Members of Scientology Spain

José Manuel Iglesias Moreno - Cienciologia en Madrid

Carmen Veiga en Cienciologia en Madrid, Espana

Pilar Guiterrez Teixeira

Carmen Valero Lázaro

Herminia Toral de Perez

Other Church of Scientology Locations in Spanish:

Directory for Scientology Churches in Spanish Speaking Countries

Directorio de la Organizacion de Cienciologia

A Directory of web sites to many Church of Scientology sites, including Scientology Madrid

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