Sunday, July 20, 2008

This week on the Scientology Blogosphere

Here are some great articles from the blogs of Scientologists that were written this week:
  • Get a Better ROI on Life - Desi tells us how Scientology Auditing is helping her to handle things that have been problems for many years. "It's practical magic. It works easily and well and better than anything else for the same reason that aqueducts worked better than hollow logs - better technology means better results. I use it for the same reason we use computers and not an abacus - once you figure out the science behind better tools, you're never going back to the old way to do things. In my book, Scientology is better tools for living based on better and more organized data."
  • It takes smarts to think for yourself - Mickey is an Italian teenager who does not live a cloistered life. She lives in the U.S. and spends summers in Italy. Her world is filled with activity and friends- many of them Scientologists, many of them not. Lets hear her viewpoints.
  • What we don't believe - It is quite amazing the weird ideas people get about what Scientologists do and don't believe. Here are a some I've encountered.
  • Interview With Actress Cassandra Hepburn - The lovely and talented actress and Scientologist Cassandra Hepburn has a new movie coming out.
  • Young Scientologists; Old Scientologists - In case you hadn’t guessed it, Scientologists are young and old, babies and grandfathers. There are first generation Scientologists, second generation Scientologists, third generation Scientologists and even fourth generation Scientologists. Some Scientologists are fat, some are thin. Some are tall, some are small. Some are European, some are Malaysian. There are Scientologists in Alaska and there are Scientologists in New Zealand and South Africa and elsewhere. Scientologists are here and they are there. They can be anywhere. You work with them, you see them, you listen to their music, you watch them in movies, you read their books, you go to school with them, you see their art, you play with them, you learn from them, you walk past them on the street … and so the world continues to turn.
  • Antidepressants and Antipsychotics being Prescribed for Treatment without Scientific Proof of Chemical Imbalance - Psychiatrists have yet to conclusively prove that a single mental illness has a biological or physical cause, or a genetic origin. Psychiatry has yet to develop a single physical test that can determine that an individual actually has a particular mental illness. Indeed, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders uses behavior, not physical symptoms, to diagnose mental illness, and it lacks both scientific reliability and validity.
  • European Scientology Volunteer Ministers Behind the Scenes at the EU Cup - Although more than a million fans converged on Austria for the EU Cup last month the entire event came off without incident. Behind the scenes of this and every huge international sports event are the men and women who see to the safety of those attending and handle any emergencies that arise—emergencies that could easily become catastrophes if not cared for quickly and competently.
  • Free Schools Using Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard Give Hope to Kolkata Children - Bibha Kumari, Sohan Das, Pintu Das and Mukesh Paswan are excellent students. In fact, they are the best students at their school. But four years ago not only had they never seen the inside of a schoolroom but they never dreamed they would be able to do so. Now they have the opportunity to get real education and to truly transform their lives.
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