Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scientology Blogosphere - Posts of the Week - Part 1

There have been so many good posts this week that I am breaking the list into parts.

Four Words You Need to Know to Understand Scientology - This article will give you a full conceptual understanding of some words you really need to know if you want to understand the subject.

Prescription for Violence - psych drugs causing school shootings - What is the relationship between psychiatric drugs like prozac, zoloft, ritalin, etc. and school shootings?

Scientology is recognized as a religion all over the world - Data on religions recognition by governments and courts all over the world. The list of recognitions is huge.

Speaking up about Seroxat - What happened to a guy who had the guts to tell the truth about Seroxat (Paxil) on his blog? There is also a great video showing the lies that were told about the safety of Seroxat.

Another Dumb Hypothetical Disorder... - It turns out that you are crazy and need expensive medication - and you thought you were just using a feature of your cell phone.

Racing for Human Rights - A racing team promotes human rights.

From Dianetics - A personal win from reading the book Dianetics.

Site of the week:
CESNUR: Scientology - The Center for Studies on New Religions maintains a page of news items and articles by religious scholars. Fascinating reading about Scientology from an unbiased and independent 3rd party. CESNUR doesn't take sides, they just report the facts.

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