Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Scientologist Jenna Elfman

ABC.com has a photo story on famous Scientologists today with this photo of Jenna Elfman:

Their caption is: Actress Jenna Elfman of CBS' "Everything I Know About Men" has been a Scientologist since 1991.

Here's a success story from her on www.scientology.org:

"I didn’t know how to open the door to my goals and would have been fiddling with the lock for all these years had I not learned about Scientology. I now know that I truly am limitless. Scientology opened the door for me and I’ve walked through it to success."

Jenna is very active in programs at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre and in making L. Ron Hubbard's technology available to improve conditions in society, which she describes on this page of her personal web site.

She's very outspoken, beautiful and enormously talented.

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